Born with a natural love for music, he started his career when 13 years old hosting a music show at an Italian local radio station. He presented his playlists in the most famous italian clubs. At Eighteen he began working as a technician and a DJ for RTL 102.5, the number one radio in Italy. He set up his personal mixing studio and started the "R-Type" music project. The first single "18Teen", produced by Dirty House Music, is a success straight away: it was played by Ministry of Sound Radio, it kept the top ten on Beatport for months, first position on Trackitdown and Maurice Noah's remix was the choice as the opening track on the famous Dj Marcel Woods' compilation. The follow up "My Favourite Thing" kept the momentum positioning first on Trackitdown for months, 37th on Beatport and inside the top 50 on The remix of the single "Another Day" by Maurice Noah is produced by Re-Vox with great success. In 2009 his new project Yoky has come alive. The first single "He's A Boy" gained great success. It hit the Beatport top ten in the Electro House hitlist and it has been played all around the world from Tokyo to L.A. It was the beginning of new collaborations with musicians, singers and the record producer Riccardo Rinaldi (Aka Ohm Guru).

In 2013 Yoky's first album “Electro In My House” is released by the renowned italian record label IRMA Records. The twelve songs tracklist varies from melodic dance to electro music. The first single from the album is LOVE. The song is a dance piece with the lyrics sung by Muna. The other tracks on the single are remixes by the best italian DJs.

At the same time another track is released: Yoky's remix of Twentyfortysix by Lux Departure (also on the album). The makeover of the original trip-hop tune gained instant success and it's been played by the best DJs in various italian and international nightclubs. The single was pre-released by Three Hands label and it holds remixes by Lorenzo De Blanck and Dj Rame.

Summer 2013....Fresh reggae release running for summer parties ! Famous Jamaican reggae artist Half Pint approved the reworking of his 1985 hit "Cost Of Living" by the producer Yoky. A fresh and hot house tune was put together and it will soon be released as a new single under the guise "Cost of Living" Yoky meets Half Pint on which the world club hype is already buzzing !